blue eyed blonde with red lingerie

This was my 2nd boudoir session … Chris was incredible. I had so much fun and it wasn’t all about business.  I walked away literally feeling like I made a new friend. Chris made me so comfortable in my own skin and made me feel proud of my curves.  My other shoot wasn’t bad, it was just more business and I prefer Chris’s authenticity 🙂 

black and white blonde with big smile

I did this session to celebrate being a woman who has developed pride and self-confidence after years of feeling not good enough!! My favorite part was Chris’s obvious enthusiasm for what she does. Knowing she is invested in making women feel beautiful put me at ease and allowed me to feel free and alive. 

This session gave me my confidence back. I’m a recently separated woman 45 years old. I’m in a place where I do things to make myself feel good.  It’s not about anyone else.  Feeling sexy is a beautiful thing and though I’m certainly not a super model, I have worked hard to get into better shape.  Chris pumped me up talking about my best features and assets and I left feeling like I was a damn super model. 🙂

blonde with red lingerie and small tattoo

I expected it to be similar to my previous shoot and it was entirely different.  The authenticity Chris brings to the shoot is just amazing.  I felt the whole women support women and lift them up vibe and I swear I didn’t want to leave 🤣🤣 Chris’s aura is unmatchable!!

blonde in white sheets set

The best part of my experience was honestly, the conversation. I wasn’t just money, I was a person and Chris connected with me without even putting forth much effort because it is who she naturally is. That is what made posing easy… pop my booty out? Okay no problem…. relax your forehead… okay I got you Chris 🙂 I wouldn’t change a thing.

I have recommended Chris to my girlfriends already. I think Chris knows me pretty well now.


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