“This was my first time, I really enjoyed it and was not nervous as I thought I would be. I wanted this to be empowering for me but also to feel sexy again after being married with a child for over a decade. My favorite part of the session besides the wine were the interesting poses I would have never been brave enough to try. I have this internal view of myself…it was not good. When I saw the pics after I could hardly believe it was me. I felt young and sexy again. It was not what I was expecting but it was what I hoped for. Thank you! Wouldn’t change a thing…oh maybe add the angel wings. Thank you for the experience I really appreciate you taking the time to really care about your clients experience from start to finish…you are amazing!!”
Ms. L.
Christina did such an amazing job making me feel comfortable and sexy! Best experience EVER! Very empowering. It was a wedding gift for my now husband. And he LOVED IT! My favorite part was the experience! I never thought I would ever do something like this. But it brought my self-confidence back, it was empowering, I now see myself in a different light. I didn’t really know what to expect, but once we started it was awesome. Felt safe, comfortable and once we started, I couldn’t stop lol! Thanks Christina! If your hesitant about doing a this, I guarantee Christina will make this experience life changing. Take a chance I promise you, you won’t regret it!
Ms M.
Stay at home mom
This was my first time. Well, I’d always thought about it and let’s face it, we are not getting any younger. Plus, I mainly wanted to do it to surprise my husband. It’s something he would not have expected and he loved it! I would definitely recommend Christina. Christina is absolutely fantastic and she made me feel comfortable every step of the way. I was referred by a friend and it ended up being a very fun experience! Leading up to the shoot, she left me informed and gave me ideas about what to bring and how the process worked. My hair and makeup turned out even better than I expected and I got just the look I was hoping for. Once we got rolling with the pictures I eased into the positions (I’m no natural model, lol) and had fun.
Ms. L.
Real Estate Agent
I always wanted to do one but I am in my best physique I have ever been so I wanted to take advantage. Best part was laughing about stuff with you. This session It boosted my confidence, I felt incredible and it was a special moment in my life, It exceeded my expectations! My favorite was my nude pictures! I would not change at all. It was a great experience. I highly encourage every woman to do this at least once! Married or single this is a gift to you and or you!!
Ms. S.
Real Estate Investor
This session was a great experience, better than I could have expected. Glad I had a chance to spend time with Chris. I wanted some updated photos of my tattoos and to have something created for my husband. Favorite part was that Chris had ideas already in mind for the shoot before my arrival, great music playing & I was very comfortable. I am not one to say that I am photogenic, so having someone that can capture my image in a positive light is exciting for me. I can’t believe how sexy I could look. I don’t see myself as someone that could ever look that good. I love that I can now see myself in a different way than before. I can’t think of anything I would have changed.
Ms. E.
Thank you so much Christina you are truly gifted. I am so happy and overjoyed with my photos!! I love them so much and because of you I am loving myself all over again!! They are perfect!!! I will definitely always do work with you, I am never disappointed in any work we do together!! Ladies I highly recommend working with Christina!!! She makes you so comfortable, it's fun, and you'll fall in love with yourself all over again!! My confidence in myself is much higher because of you!! Thank you so so much!!!
Ms. K.
Restaurant Manager
Chris was incredible. I had so much fun and it wasn't all about business. I walked away literally feeling like I made a new friend. Chris made me so comfortable in my own skin and made me feel proud of my curves. My other shoot wasn't bad (not with Chris), it was just more business and I prefer Chris's authenticity 🙂 To celebrate being a woman who has developed pride and self-confidence after years of feeling not good enough!! Chris's obvious enthusiasm for what she does. Knowing she is invested in making women feel beautiful put me at ease and allowed me to feel free and alive. I'm a recently separated woman 45 years old. I’m in a place where I do things to make myself feel good. It’s not about anyone else. Feeling sexy is a beautiful thing and though I'm certainly not a super model, I have worked hard to get into better shape. Chris pumped me up talking about my best features and assets and I left feeling like I was a damn super model. 🙂 I expected it to be similar to my previous shoot (not with Chris) and it was entirely different. The authenticity Chris brings to the shoot is just amazing. I felt the whole women support women and lift them up vibe and I swear I didn't want to leave 🤣🤣 Chris's aura is unmatchable!! the conversation. I wasn't just money, I was a person and Chris connected with me without even putting forth much effort because it is who she naturally is. That is what made posing easy... pop my booty out? Okay no problem.... relax your forehead... okay I got you Chris 🙂 I wouldn't change a thing. Chris got to know me pretty well 🙂 I have recommended Chris already.
Ms. A
I have never done one before and this was a gift for my boyfriend. It was nice to see sneak peeks here and there to see how I looked/my facial expressions, so I could see what I wanted to change as the session went along. Also loved the various poses to give you a huge variety. feel better about my appearance than I used to, but I still have a lot of things about myself that I don't love. Doing this shoot and learning different angles and poses to show me in a different perspective gave me a new appreciation for myself and feel more confident. It was a lot more relaxed and laid back than I thought it would be. It didn't feel awkward or cold. I loved how personable Christina was and makes you feel comfortable and confident, and she knows exactly what poses to do to look your very best. I would absolutely recommend. I have nothing but positive things to say.
Long hair woman with a dropped man's shirt
Ms. L.
Office Manager
I had not done a boudoir shoot before. I did my boudoir shoot for my fiancé but mostly for myself. I have been through some things and just felt it was finally time to do something for myself. Even though I felt like doing something for myself, I was still a little “iffy" about doing one but my fiancé pushed me and told me to go for it, so I did! I don’t know if I would have done it if I didn’t have someone to push me and encourage me to. That’s why I am here to try and be the one to push all of you to get one done, especially by Christina because she is amazing, I am super happy that I did this shoot. I was super happy with the pictures and can’t wait to book another one! My favorite part of the session was seeing the photos like, “Wow, that’s really me?!” I have always been the "skinny girl" ever since I was little but after having my daughter my weight had fluctuated and it just kind of stayed there. I had to learn to love my “new” self since skinny was all I had known. Also, from some past relationships my self image was not what it was before. But I soon came to realize that my stretch marks and body tell a beautiful story and came to love everything about me! I slowly started to get my confidence back so I had decided to do this shoot. After doing this shoot, it made me have way more confidence in myself and made me realize that everyone is worthy and beautiful no matter what anyone has to say. Last, it made me realize that these shoots are not only for the "skinnier" ladies and is for anyone, no matter what the public tries to display. I was super nervous and pretty much clueless, thinking how I am going to mess up these pictures but in the end I felt very comfortable around Christina, was willing to try any pose, and just felt very confident in myself. Don't be afraid book your shoot today, you will not be disappointed!
Ms. J.
Office Manager

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