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Why I shoot Boudoir?

Because I understand women and what we go through as I have my own insecurities and at times.  Every woman struggles with body issues from weight, stretch marks, wrinkles, and anything else we can pick apart. I understand women and what we go through as I have my own insecurities and at times, I lack self-acceptance and self-love from time to time as well.  Clients look at my portfolio and ALL have the same fear…they aren’t beautiful enough, there’s JUST NO WAY!  But I have a secret weapon to beat them all, all of those fears, my camera. 

While you are getting glammed up and pampered by our professional hair and make-up artists, we laugh (a lot), go through the outfits you chose, enjoy music, and then… LET THE MAGIC BEGIN!! 

Every woman is beautiful (I know we’ve all heard it a million times but IT’S TRUE) and my sole purpose in life is portray that beauty back to my clients.  To show them what everyone else sees every day yet gets lost in the mirror far too often buried by insecurities.  Give your fears, doubts, and worries over to me, I promise you I will show you your true beauty inside and out. 

Boudoir. Black and white. lingerie. boudoir photography
Boudoir. Red lingerie. boudoir photography

The Transformation

The transformation that unfolds in front of my eyes is incredible. The majority of women that come walk into our studio is nervous. From sweaty hands, unsure about lingerie choices (they are perfect outfits choices) and starts stressing, and it is visually noticeable. This is normal and when it happens, I help her relax but just talking and before we know it, those feelings flow away.

Once the shoot begins, she begins to let go. As the session starts, I show her the back of my camera so that she starts seeing herself though my eyes. When I hear, “Is that me?” or “I cannot believe that’s me”. As the session continues, she begins to have fun, feel empowered, fierce, and sexy as hell. We have fun and laugh a lot; the walls begin to fall. They may walk in nervous but they walk out ready to take on the world.

When I show her the fully edited images, I generally see tears and again hear, “OMG is that really me?”. Not only have I now shown my client how beautiful she is but she now sees herself beautiful as well. It is an empowering and lifechanging moment for her and for myself. It is very rewarding for me to see I made a difference in another woman’s life though boudoir photography.

A little Bit of My Story

Woman, black lingerie, tulle shirt, boudoir photography

Growing up, I never felt I fit in or was pretty enough. Being in a verbally abusive relationship for 15 years, it took away any self-esteem I had left (yes, I left but not soon enough). After I meet my current husband, he convinced me to wear lingerie and it took him even longer to convince me to allow him to take photos of me in it. After about what seemed to be forever, he took about 10 photos (maybe) and when he showed me the back of the camera, I couldn’t’ believe that was me. Since I started boudoir, I have made it my mission to make women to feel what I felt in that moment- It was lifechanging-. I have struggled with my weight for the last 10 years and this wasn’t’ normal for me, I still struggle with insecurities like most women do. 

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