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Is hair and makeup included?

Yes! We have a hair and make-up artist come onsite for you makeover. We like for you to feel comfortable and relaxed without having to inconvenience you with going from one place to another. You get to sit back and enjoy an experience that is personalized just for you.

Will my images be on the internet???

I can TOTALLY understand if you don’t want your images shared with the public! You can rest absolutely assured that your images will never be shared without your permission. In the event that you are super awesome and proud of your images and do permit me to use them on my blog and website, your real name will not be used and I will NEVER tag you on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram if you don’t want to be tagged.   

black and white. Nude. Boudoir. Photography. Women. Empowerment
black and white. Nude. Boudoir. Photography. Women. Empowerment

What should I wear?

This is probably the most popular question I get….and the answer is simple…whatever you feel beautiful in. It can be a bodysuit, an oversized sweater, cropped sweatshirt and high waist panties, a robe, sleep shirt…you get the drift.  Some clients opt for lingerie and many clients choose to do a nude set during their session.  In a 1.5-hour photo session, you will typically have time for up to 3-5 “looks” or outfits (yes, “nude” counts as an outfit)! Don’t stress to much about wardrobe. I could shoot a client with just nothing other than bed sheets. Once you’ve completed the booking process with me, you will also receive emails that will help you with preparations and wardrobe considerations!

Do I need to buy my own lingerie?

Yes! We have some items in the client closet you are welcome to use, but not much. We ask that when you use these items, you use your own under garments for sanitation reasons.

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What should I do to prepare?

You will receive emails shortly after booking your session, this will cover exactly how you should prepare, as well as a complete list of resources for wardrobe for your photo session. No questions will remain unanswered, I pride myself on offering a photo session EXPERIENCE to my clients… So, expect a very informed process that involves a lot more instruction than just showing up to a shoot and being done with it.

Do you offer destination sessions?

Yes!! If a client has a group of friends that are interested in a boudoir session, we can most certainly come to you. We would have to have at least 8 sessions booked in your area. We rent an Airbnb for the weekend and we schedule everyone simultaneously so that were the only ones there during your session.  

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Do you photoshop?

I do edit your beautiful images but it is a light edit which includes exposure, light, and color. Rule of thumb for me is that if it is permanent it stays. I will not alter any part of the body as this is an experience to accept yourself as you are right now. 

Do you offer digitals?

Our collections come with digitals. We also offer digitals in an A La Carte option. In the case that digitals is all you are looking for, these are delivered through a downloadable link.

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Where is your studio located?

3612 Samson Way Ste 118, Bellevue, NE 68123

Want more info on our boudoir sessions?

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