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Busting Excuses

As women we tend to lose ourselves in our everyday lives, this happens more often than you think. It is so important to self-care as often as possible and invest in YOU. When it comes to boudoir, I hear “I need to lose weight”, “I didn’t realize boudoir is so expensive” and the list can go on. Let me share with you a bit of information to assure you that no matter the excuses your mind tells you, YOU are worthy of self-love.

red hair, blue lingerie, fur coat, boudoir photography
red hair, blue lingerie, fur coat, boudoir photography

“Right now, is not a good time”

Did you know that mental self-love is as equally as important as tangible self-love? It is not easy taking care of everyone else and everything else if we are mentally exhausted, I know it is easy for me to say this but I promise you that mental breaks are part of mental self-love.

At a boudoir session in our studio, you can relax, get pampered, separate yourself from your life for a few hours and breathe, love yourself, and accept your journey. In a matter of a few hours, you will see your own beauty that has been buried or perhaps you have never seen it, I see it!

Detaching yourself from everyone and everything is so important for your mental health, why not do it getting glammed up and a boudoir experience.

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“My weight is not where it used to me”

Friend, let me tell you, if I had a quarter for every time I heard this, I would be close to being rich by now. Your weight doesn’t define you. What I mean by that is, your beauty is still there regardless of your weight and it doesn’t keep you from LOVING yourself. Why do you feel you have to compare yourself to someone that is a smaller size? Even if you and I were the exact same size, we are still 2 different people and our beauty is unique to us. Our body is our vessel and we should love it!

If you are on a healthier journey, I applaud you but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to love your body until you reach a goal. Love yourself throughout the journey and be proud of everything your body is going through as you reach your goal, celebrate it.

Woman, black lingerie, satin sheets, close up, boudoir photography

“I don’t feel sexy anymore so I am not sure I can do this”


This is precisely why you should do a boudoir session. As women we lose ourselves in work/ family/ life that not feeling sexy is more common than you think. This happens to the majority of women I know and it is okay! From testimonials I have gotten from women I have shot, a session have them the confidence they had been lacking for years and at times, the confidence they never had. Imagine finding new confidence in yourself and loving your body after insecurities, babies, yoyo weight, and scars? A boudoir session gives you that power back. I have been told, it brings back a spark between you and your spouse (speaking from experience, I can also say it is true).

Also, you don’t have to wear the sexiest lingerie on the market, we can help you pick out outfits that you are comfortable with and make you feel sexy.

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“A boudoir shoot is more than I expected to pay and I don’t have that kind of money right now”

Yes, a boudoir session IS an investment. It is also an in investment in yourself, in your confidence, in your mental wellbeing, and in your journey of self-love and acceptance. In order to book there is a retainer fee, and after we do offer payment plans to make it easier to pay the collection you love and a great referral program. I am here to answer any questions about our payment plans

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