About Me

My name is Christina Cloud. I am a wife, mom, Gaga (grandma- young, lol!). My family and God are of the utmost importance to me. I am currently based in Bellevue, Nebraska and serve the surrounding areas. I do travel for destination boudoir shoots, yes this means I travel out of state.

My experiences have exposed me to people from many different walks of life and each person has a unique story to tell – from working on their physical bodies, their jobs, take care of the household, children, spouses and in some cases, like me, taking care of grandchildren. I know what it is like to get lost in day-to-day tasks and forget about ourselves.

I am a photographer of mostly photograph women. I have been asked, “out of all of the genres you can shoot, why did you choose boudoir as your primary genre?”

My response: Because I understand women! I know, I don’t look like I did years ago; my weight may goes up and down like a “yoyo”, I have stretchmarks, and like many others I struggle with my own insecurities. I have placed my trust in God, my family and my love for photography to keep me grounded and they are the utmost importance to me.

My husband helped me see myself through his eyes and I couldn’t believe who that woman was in a photo wearing lingerie. I want every woman to be able to feel what I felt in that moment because it changed me mentally and emotionally, I am beautiful and worthy of feeling like a sexy woman again. I truly believe that it is incredibly important, to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes because what we see may not reflect our true beauty.

Age is just a number, always remember that. We all come from backgrounds with different histories and tales to be told. Just know, you are worth it!! We shouldn’t allow society to dictate what’s beautiful. We are all gorgeous in our own way, no matter our status in society, size, (voluptuous, curvy, skinny), working or stay at home mom, – we should all feel beautiful. We are taking back who we are! Let me show you how beautiful you are, it’s in there!

Tell society to suck it! Take sexy back and unleash your inner beast… I can help you!

CloudCover Photography by Christina


Phone: (531) 225-7632